Cruises & River Cruises

Broadly speaking, if you choose to cruise, two things will happen:

1. You’ll get to visit some of world’s most captivating destinations in comfort and style. And

2. You’ll have the time of your life. Unlike traditional holidays, you’re not tethered to one resort.

There is a stunning choice of ships so you may find the choice a little confusing – so we can help you decide which ship will suit you best. We suggest thinking about it like this… pick the ship as you would a hotel…

What facilities most appeal?
Are the rooms to your personal taste?
What’s on the menu?

Then, choose your destinations and let your luxury hotel take you there.

Your cruise fare includes accommodation, entertainment and an endless array of activities so it is unbeatable value. You’ll be right at home without a care in the world. From sun-up to late into the night. And by your voyage’s end, the crew will feel just like family.

Our cruise clients are from all walks of life. Families, groups, couples and solo travellers. Everyone shares a love of new experiences, a friendly atmosphere and a sense of occasion. Wherever there’s an ocean or a river, we can take you there. Call us on 01733 203680 to see what offers are currently available and where you’ll be cruising to next.

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